We are so incredibly proud that our Chair Lady Marisa Van der Merwe is in the running to become the SACBW Business Woman of the Year.  Even though there are so many worthy woman who all deserve this title, just being nominated is already a huge accomplishment.

Last month during Woman’s Month, Marisa had a fundraiser and The Entrust Foundation was very much a part of the event along with our Partners MiniChess.

The event was a huge success and had numerous prominent Business people as well as a couple of celebrities attend.

Marisa has been involved in charities for longer than a person can remember and her amazing – caring heart is what sets her apart.  Always willing to help and bring about change in not only her community but also in the lives of her colleagues and strangers alike, Marisa is a force of nature, and proudly part of The Entrust Foundation.  We Salute you!